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When you have a chain and you pick up a link, all the other links come up with it, you see? Because it implies; “If this is a link, it is a link in a chain. If it isn’t, it’s just an oval piece of metal… But if it’s a link, up comes all other links.” So if you are an event, every event - there’s no such thing as a single event, the only possible single event is all events whatsoever. That could be regarded as the only possible atom; the only possible single thing, is everything. But the things that we call things all imply each other. We only know what we are in relation to what we aren’t. We know the sensation of oneself only in relation to a sensation of something Other. So the Other goes with the Self as the back goes with the front. And your life, however short; everything depends on it. If that did not happen, nothing could happen. So in this sense, the whole world bears your signature. It would not be the same world, if it weren’t for you.
— Alan Watts