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Photo taken by my gorgeous wife, Barefoot Beckins

Photo taken by my gorgeous wife, Barefoot Beckins

Vincent Domazet

My journey with visionary art began 10 years ago when I had what I would call a mystical experience; which awakened me to something completely unknown at the time.   The experience was the most blissful, most peaceful and most enlightening of my life up to that time.  To say that I was activated or turned on is the best way to explain what happened to me, as within 2 weeks of the experience, I was creating the early pieces that you can see on my “Early Works” page.   In my early time as an artist, I explored new techniques and methods and literally spent hours every day creating new pieces and playing with colours, images and fun ideas.  It wasn’t long after that my own spiritual journey started taking me into deep explorations with meditation, shamanic journeying and deep connections with the mystical; with nature and with music.   I have tried my best to show what it is that I have seen with my own eyes.  What I have felt with my heart.    I started to incorporate symbols and symbolism; gods and goddesses as I was introduced to them through my journeys.  I am heavily influenced by such great artists as Alex Grey, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Mugwort and Android Jones.  Many of their pieces and concepts have inspired my own.  

The process of creating these pieces can often times be quite magical.  I will put on some of my favorite music and have a few glasses of wine or a few beer as I work.  It is then that I’m taken over by the art and will often not see the picture being created until I zoom out of the fine details and see a mosaic of colour and imagery coming together.   Some would call this expression of art the muse; and I guess it’s the best way to explain what takes over me during the process.   I show up and she speaks through me.   I don't go in with the intention of creating a specific piece, but rather "play" until the piece comes together.   I know it's complete when it tells me so.  

I continue to learn, expand my consciousness and unravel the threads of this incredible existence.   I have delved deep into myth, symbolism and archetypal expressions of ourselves.   

My art has been featured at a number of electronic music festivals throughout Alberta and BC, such as Shambhala, Astral Harvest, Motion Notion and Inshala.   I’ve also showcased my art at a number of gallery shows, along the streets in the city of Calgary, been featured in numerous magazines, on cd cover art, a book cover, at a number of yoga studios, in a number of private collections, on posters and print art.  My hopes are to bring my artistic expression into the 3-d realm this year.   I am currently working with various makers and am excited to see what the projects will bring.  

My mission is to share my own experiences, to help others, to live in Truth, no matter the consequence. To awaken those around me to the magic of life, to the divine and to our deepest and most true selves.  I have explored the maps of our consciousness; found countless teachers and teachings and wish to continue that work through my art and teachings.  I hope you enjoy my site.   That you visit often and that you share your own experiences. 


With much love and light, Vincent


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