9 years- reflections from Facebook part #4

I love that when we imagine these worlds outside of our own.  We imagine other galaxies.  planets covered in sand, feeding exotic spice to the entire galaxy.   A mixed spice of sorts that will take us outside of ourselves.   Inside of ourselves.   Connecting to the consciousness of all.   Able to foresee multiple outcomes before taking a move.  

Stories are so different, but they're also so alike.   Characters seeking fortune and fame.   characters seeking mastery. seeking adventure, seeking destiny;living destiny.   living the dharma.   choosing sides, being tempted;   doubting sides, being challenged.  Facing death, overcoming. meeting a guide, experiencing magic.  asked to carry the goblet, which will allow ONE to see; Doubting sidesBeing tempted. Refusing the temptation.  Realizing you can SEE.  Meeting the TEACHER. the Trials.  Dedication.  Hard work.   The real journey begins.   Inwards.   But also Deep, deep into the earth.   touching roots and synching hearts. Realizing of one's true power.    Realizing that the teacher arrived to take you further. Allowed you in as they deemed you ready to accept the teaching.     Ready to synch hearts.   REady to leave the mind behind.   The intellect can only go so far.   Leave your mind at the door.   Open your ears.   Open your eyes.   Open your heart.     

Have you ever read this story?   Have you ever played this story?    Have you ever tried to live this story?   Have you ever followed your bliss?   have you ever felt bliss?   even chemical bliss is bliss.   Even if it's momentary.   A pinprick compared to the wave of BLISS.   The real BLISS.   A bliss you can find doing yoga.   deep diving.   Dancing at a festival until the sun comes out.

Until well past when the sun goes out.   the pure joy felt keeps you awake.   real joy.  the kind of you that you have to pay for in some kind of way.   Festival tickets aint cheap anymore.  :p

Sometimes paid for with struggle beforehand.   With hard growth.  with hard choices.   But then bam!   the moment is magic.   so perfect.  a great writer and composer must have been in their element when they wrote that experience.   when they weren't in their minds about failing.   but feeling the heartbeat.   feeling the rhythm.    they let loose.   introducing characters and colours.   introducingpeople dedicated to the lighting.  the life of the stage.   the reflective surfaces.   The reflective people.   Introducing people in true hardships, only they know their pain.   But in that moment, they've forgotten all about their pain, and are loving the moment.   are feeling the love.   That's all anyone wants.   to love.   to know LOVE.  


Some of us take a longer time to understand love.   To understand want.   To question authority, to question ourselves. To challenge what we fear.  To see who we affect.  To see what we affect.  to understand ourselves.   to question our purpose. 

whew!   that was the most flowing session of writing I've ever had.   I always doubted my writing.   I struggled with allegory.  I struggled with irony.  Over the years,  I've read many great novels.   what I always loved was that everyone had a style.   at times, it would take 100+ pages to get in the groove with the author; but once you did you were hooked to their style.   I thank all of you, who have inspired me to write.   I hope this becomes a more regular practice.   Tonight, I also thank the muse.    And LOVE.  And TRUTH.  and all my teachers.  my wife.   my new child.  my parents.  my sister, my niece.   my in-laws.  My dear friends.  my students.  my many acquaintances. My TEACHERS.  And so many inspiring people out there who kick ass at what they do.   I LOVE YOU.  


9 years- reflections from Facebok.#3

 Everything can be learned.  unlearning everything you thought was important can also be done.   It will be hard to shed everything taught to you by gradeschool teachers.  By your peers.  By your parents.  By society.  By High Society.   By that thing that is probably watching you right now.   by being brave to not cave into the fear that the thing that is most definitely watching you doesn't have power over you.   Not if you can learn to be honest.   To be Honest to yourself. honest to those that matter.   honest to the planet.   honest to life.  Honest to your belief system.   Honest to the body.  Honest to the mind.   Honest so you can match the true heart inside yourself.   The HEART that knows.   that has seen all this.  That has felt all of this.  That has brought the heartbeat to all that has ever existed. that will ever exist.  That is existence. The heart in the center of all of us.  The HEART in the center of all of us.   ALL of us.    All this hurt.  All this pain and suffering. All this war and famine.  And for what?   All this death.  Death to understand death.  Death to instill fear.   Death to control.  Controlled to death. 

All this joy.   All these heart connections.  These soul connections. These existential projections.  There is SO much beauty.  So many giggles with friends.  So much sick, sick music.   So many expanded minds.  So many expanded hearts.   So much art.  So much expression.   So many expressions of that one thing they call god.   Contemplating GOD.  overseer of this galaxy.   I mean, GOD must see all that.  Must have seen all that.  13.8 billions years!!!   that motherfucker must have a lot of arms!   So many eyes.   so many hearts.  That is the being I see as GOD.  if we're going to call it that, let's get specific with what that thing must look like.   Looking in on this UNIVERSE and holding the weight of all inside.   so many beings within we have yet to see.  to know and see life that doesn't ALSO have 2 arms and 2 legs. Could beings have more than 1 brain?  More than 1 million brains?   Brains!      I imagine some coroner on the other side of the galaxy thinking, "that hu-man has only 1 heart.  odd!"  I mean, it must have happened once, right?   or in the distant future, some hu-man will get to the other side of the galaxy.   To the D quadrant.  To the Z quadrant?   someday I imagine we'll get there in an instant.   Trans-warp technology is out there afterall.  :)

con't in part 4




9 years reflections from Facebook #2

Just needed another reflection.  This is a neat, a live experience for anyone that wants to hear more as I post it on my site.   I have been really trying to draw more people to my art lately; to my healing practice and my message.  So I decided to try this and let go of expectation.  if 1 person comes to read this, then it will have served it's purpose.  Freeing myself from expectation.  Freeing myself of caring if a "lot" of people see the posts I'm sharing.  Freeing myself of caring if nobody sees it.  Freeing myself of how I think things should go.  I don't understand this story of my life, fully.   But I understand stages.  Tests of endurance.  This life is trying to make you a better person.  No question about it. 

 I invite you to look through my site and see the reflections I have created.   They are reflections on this crazy life that has shown me things beyond measure.   Music so deep and profound; music so engaging and seductive. Teachers so profound.  So engaging, so seductive.  Wisdom so profound. Wisdom so heartfelt sometimes.  Wisdom embodied.  

con't in # 3

9 years- reflections from Facebook #1

This memory came up on Facebook last week.   Oh what a reflection. 

Ah yeah! the version of me from 9 years ago knew that I'd have a handle on this next ten years. Damn, I've grown in ways I would never imagine. I've been disillusioned to many of these systems that control us in different ways. The incredible power of Religion to create guilt in us. To make us believe that we will only find HEAVEN or Paradise if we suffer in this life. To Governments that watch us every day and try to tell us what is good for us. The Corporations that in this day and age also do the same thing. What are we to believe. Start with a belief in yourself. Find people that also believe in you. Practice what you are naturally drawn to. share it with people. Your enthusiasm and passion will attract the right people. Your heart and compassion will also attract many. Follow the signs that attract you. The symbols and logos that you trust and believe in. Seek heart, joy, laughter, bliss, ecstatic bliss, complete pleasure and enjoyment, creativity. Seek dance, seek culture, seek truth, seek the meaning of LOVE. Share your crazy experiences with people who want to listen. Deeply seek the wisdom life reveals to you. Start to pay attention to who is closest to you. Who you share deep, heartfelt reflection with. Who will not question your crazy decisions, but see that your bit of crazy might be onto something.





# 2 is called Vision of the Guru. This one is special to me as it was the last piece I created before I left for my journey to Hawaii, Bali and India.

My 3 month journey during Feb-May of 2013 was my own Eat, Pray, Love journey. I spent two weeks with my partner (and family) in Maui, Hawaii, then set off for 2 weeks in Ubud, Bali for amazing yoga sessions, Balinese sights and sounds and delicious food, and finally 2 months in India, where I met a teacher on a level I could not even fully comprehend.

I had been studying and reading a lot of books prior to my trip, of people's personal journeys to find their true selves and to discover truth. I spent much of that time asking for a real teacher that could help guide my way. I had taken level 1 and 2 of reiki in Canada, but I knew that I would complete my training somewhere in India.

After a week of being in India, I walked through the door of a small reiki school and was face to face with my Swamiji. He seemed very unassuming at first but after I spent a few hours with him, I realized that I had met my true teacher.

My (almost) 2 months with the school was a serious journey of self-discovery, healing, serious insights and growth. I felt love on a level that I had never known before.

The experience truly changed my life. I look forward to the day when I can return to India and see him again.

The piece was the first vision I had of a true teacher. It holds a great meaning to me and I see that it means a lot to many others.

May everyone find their teacher someday and know their full potential.


I'm a little behind on what was posted on my facebook page.   This is my third most important piece.  


# 3 is called Buddha on the Waterfront.

I went in with the intention of creating an "Enlightened Buddha" image back in early 2010. I worked at it over the period of one focused afternoon. At the time, I was really into the show Lost. I felt extremely connected with the characters and many parts of their journeys really spoke to me.

When they showed the final episode, with the final scene in the church, the imagery of the stained glass windows with all the faith symbols ( symbols for Islam, Judaism, nature religions, christianity, Confucinism, etc.) really struck a chord with me. It ended up being the last series of small images I put into the piece. The Buddha and his story does speak strongly to me, but so does Hiduism, nature religions, christianity and Taoism. I have tried to open my mind to what speaks to me. I keep listening and trying to find Truth in this World of many deceptions.


#4 is called Suddenly I just woke up.

The image and the video came together so smoothly. I had been wanting to create more elaborate video images using my art for a long time and this was my first attempt at something this intricate. I created about 70 variations of the original piece and learned some pretty cool tricks along the way.

I posted the video on Youtube and got a fair amount of views in a short amount of time, thanks to the remixer of this track, The Desert Dwellers. Their music has moved me immensely over the last few years and inspired a number of my newer pieces. Their Soundcloud is here:https://soundcloud.com/desertdwellers

The link to my video is here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ul8S8F7gqs


And.... # 5 of my top 15 images is called the Four Seasons. This piece taught me so, so much and was the first piece that really caught in with a lot of people.

I know that many people in my life wished that I did more art like this, but I guess it wasn't my path.

I've always tried to stay true to beautiful imagery, even when life has been difficult or painful. Sometimes my most honest and powerful images come about when I'm heartbroken or in pain.



#6 is called Ascension

I have been wanting to create specific working tools in Photoshop for a long time but was unable/unsure how to do so.  The newest version of Photoshop allowed me to create custom brushes with full colour and that actually worked like a real paintbrush.  This is one of the first pieces that I have incorporated that technique in 

I've been heavily influenced by android Jones, especially in the last year and this was my take at adapting his style. 

I love the colour and depth of this piece.    It has shown me new avenues on how to bring together a piece, one stroke at a time.  

I have attached the two versions of the piece I created.



#7 is called Spirit Journey.

It features various aspects of my life that have led to my awakening. From my discovery and understanding of the chakra system, discoveries of various God and Goddess figures, shamanic and psychedelic journeying, to deep, deep inner journeying, connecting with nature and animals, meditation, and finding so many teachers and guides.

My journey expands and broadens all the time as I try to be aware of everything that reveals itself to me and to have the courage and strength to keep exploring and allowing my heart to crack open a little more every day.

My life keeps filling with more and more love.

I feel so lucky. so, so rich with love and learning.


# 8 is called the Divine Feminine. I made this one as part of a stage design for Astral Harvest (http://www.astralharvest.com/), which is an amazing transformational festival that takes place every July near Slave Lake, AB. The festival combines amazing music, art, workshops, yoga, healing, etc.

The stage is called Angelica's Basket and the general theme is that of the Goddess Mother. I wanted to showcase the feminine in a beautiful and unique way and came up with this piece.

I LOVE the colours and the face in the centre, and how the piece comes together with images of nature.

My pieces are all a reflection of ourselves and the World around us. This one speaks to me on a very deep level.


#9 is called Merkaba-Sound Light Body This meditative experience was one of the most powerful but confusing states of consciousness "I" have been in. I was sitting in meditation in space as time was passing around me. I could see civilizations form and fall around me, while my flesh dissolved and my bones turned to dust. I was then just an energetic form whereupon my bones would re-appear, followed by my body. It happened again and again, as time continued to pass. I felt like I would live this way forever, just watching the passing of time. Trapped in eternity and just being a silent watcher in it all.

whew. just thinking about it is so overwhelming.

Shortly afterwards I heard about this state of being called Merkaba, where one travels as light and sound through the fabric of time and space. Perhaps this vibration of being is the key to space/time travel. smile emoticon

The piece has become a sort of gateway in my art. I've shared it with many people and have also made short videos with the art. In this video, we have the piece printed onto a tapestry fabric and placed over a light that a friend had purchased at Spencer's gifts. When I put it on top of the light, it fit so perfectly and has remained there since.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbjObaTn6ks

I felt compelled to include the seed of life in the piece. For those not familiar with sacred geometry and the appearance of the flower of life throughout many cultures and civilizations throughout the World, you should really look into it. It's fascinating stuff.


#10 is called Cosmic Peacock. This one has a very special meaning to me. I created it with a dear friend and it turned out better than either of us could have expected. The symbolism of animals was completely unknown to me at the time but since then, I've researched a lot of First Nations and South American animal mythology stories.

The ancients saw the peacock as a symbol of immortality and the renewal of its feathers year after year are a symbol of renewal. Many cultures saw the peacock in similar way to the Phoenix. The peacock reminds us that now is the time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations within yourself. To fully express your creative self.

My personal spirit animal is the Hawk. A few years ago I started to see hawks everywhere around the city and one afternoon as I was creating art, a hawk came to my window and started tapping at it. I started to listen then and since, I have paid attention to them whenever they appear. I have featured the hawk in many of my pieces as an acknowledgement and reverence for its beautiful message.

The building that my teacher/guru lived in (in Pune, India) was constantly being circled by 20-30 hawks. What a powerful omen that I had come Home.


#11 is called Avalokiteshvara- Bodhisattva of Compassion.

I knew relatively nothing about the various God and Goddess figures a few years ago. I then discovered a wonderful Documentary done with Alex Grey called COSM (or Chapel of Sacred Mirrors). The film helped me to start to understand the significance and symbolism of the various deities in Hinduism and Buddhism. It also taught me so much more. One of my top 10 films. Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuTe_KNs1F0

The idea of the figure really struck a chord with me. The Boddhisatva being a person who has attained the enlightened state but that puts off their own progress by deciding to come back to this World again in servitude of others. The figure is represented with a thousand arms, offering help and support to the World. The various heads signify having attained the all-knowing state. It makes me wonder how many people are walking around with the sole purpose of serving the World.

I have incorporated many figures in my art since this one. This part of my life was the opening of a new part of my journey of discovery, which only grows and expands to this day.


#12 is called Divine Lovers. Shiva is sitting with his lover,the Earth, or Mother Earth. The formless and form meeting and being as one.This piece came about following my most life changing experience.

It was the first time I tried various versions of the same piece and noticed how effective colour variations could be.


# 13 is called Ganesha- Remove my obstacles. The design is fairly simplistic, but it taught me a lot about transparencies and layering images on top of others. The woman is praying to Ganesh, the holy elephant in Hinduism. Ganesh is known to help remove obstacles in life, and a figure often seen in popular culture today.

I've printed this piece a number of times onto cloth tapestries and it looks gorgeous. Especially with little white christmas lights hanging behind it.

I've spent a lot of time just looking at it and it has remained one of my favorites over the years.


#14 is this one entitled Buddha on the Waterfront. I learned and applied various new techniques on this one, and was also learning how powerful the inclusion of sacred symbols, mantras and sacred geometry could be in a piece. The mantra is this piece is Aum Mani Padme Hum, which means "Jewel at the centre of the lotus"

I had been practicing using this mantra while I worked on the 37th floor of an office building downtown. I would find a quiet corner of the office andput on headphones and then recite the mantra over and over, visualizing the mantra coming directly out of my heart. After working with it for a few days, I had this intense energetic experience and felt ripples of energy coming from the centre of heart. When I went back to my desk, I started feeling this overwhelming energy flow starting from my feet and moving upwards, through my body. It intensified as it moved up and up, and I felt moments of incredible fear followed by moments of bliss as the energy passed all the way through and out the top of my head.

It was the first time that mantras really worked for me. And wow, did it ever!

My pieces are all personal experiences that I try to translate into this form. I try to communicate the truth of the experiences but I know that my art only touches at the true depth.

Top 15 pieces- #15

I've got some new art in the works. In the meantime, I wanted to showcase my 15 favorite pieces over the years. At #15....I called this one Bullet Through the Mind. I was just discovering the chakras and had had a series of powerful experiences that opened me in many new ways.

These 15 pieces are my most defining work, and the ones that have also touched the most people.