Facing Fears

As I was climbing a climbing wall yesterday, I suddenly lost my grip on the handholds and fell back about 5 feet before the harness and rope system kicked in and I was halted in midair.   During the fall, I entered a timeless state where there was no thoughts, only the feeling of freefall and time seemed to not exist.   It was only a brief second after the rope took a hold of me that fear starting to take over.   My thoughts raced and I immediately wanted to have my climbing partner take a hold of the rope and rappel me down.  That's when my instinct and experience took over and told me to face this fear and continue the ascent.   I trusted my body, my muscles and also my partner to keep me safe and made my way methodically up to the top.  The feeling of facing this was incredibly rewarding.   Had I not decided to continue upwards, I feel as though this fear could have intensified the next time instead of being something I surmounted.   


Afterwards, it really made me think of the idea of fear.  We're often faced with personal fears and instead of facing them, we take the comfortable path.   The easy and well treaded path instead of trying something new or challenging ourselves to new heights.  If you can envision that your life is uniquely catered to you, bringing experiences, challenges and fears to face so you can learn and grow.   To continue learning about yourself and the World.   The next time you feel your heart racing as you're facing a new experience, try facing it head-on.   Let the fear in for a moment and then act on it. I don't mean to walk forward foolishly but rather to learn about that new experience....do your research and also do all the training and learning necessary so that you can face (and surmount) that fear or new experience.   You'll be surprised where your life wants to take you and what you can achieve if you take those big chances and work to grow all the time.   

There are no limits in life.   Only those imposed by your mind.