#10 is called Cosmic Peacock. This one has a very special meaning to me. I created it with a dear friend and it turned out better than either of us could have expected. The symbolism of animals was completely unknown to me at the time but since then, I've researched a lot of First Nations and South American animal mythology stories.

The ancients saw the peacock as a symbol of immortality and the renewal of its feathers year after year are a symbol of renewal. Many cultures saw the peacock in similar way to the Phoenix. The peacock reminds us that now is the time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations within yourself. To fully express your creative self.

My personal spirit animal is the Hawk. A few years ago I started to see hawks everywhere around the city and one afternoon as I was creating art, a hawk came to my window and started tapping at it. I started to listen then and since, I have paid attention to them whenever they appear. I have featured the hawk in many of my pieces as an acknowledgement and reverence for its beautiful message.

The building that my teacher/guru lived in (in Pune, India) was constantly being circled by 20-30 hawks. What a powerful omen that I had come Home.