#9 is called Merkaba-Sound Light Body This meditative experience was one of the most powerful but confusing states of consciousness "I" have been in. I was sitting in meditation in space as time was passing around me. I could see civilizations form and fall around me, while my flesh dissolved and my bones turned to dust. I was then just an energetic form whereupon my bones would re-appear, followed by my body. It happened again and again, as time continued to pass. I felt like I would live this way forever, just watching the passing of time. Trapped in eternity and just being a silent watcher in it all.

whew. just thinking about it is so overwhelming.

Shortly afterwards I heard about this state of being called Merkaba, where one travels as light and sound through the fabric of time and space. Perhaps this vibration of being is the key to space/time travel. smile emoticon

The piece has become a sort of gateway in my art. I've shared it with many people and have also made short videos with the art. In this video, we have the piece printed onto a tapestry fabric and placed over a light that a friend had purchased at Spencer's gifts. When I put it on top of the light, it fit so perfectly and has remained there since.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbjObaTn6ks

I felt compelled to include the seed of life in the piece. For those not familiar with sacred geometry and the appearance of the flower of life throughout many cultures and civilizations throughout the World, you should really look into it. It's fascinating stuff.