I'm a little behind on what was posted on my facebook page.   This is my third most important piece.  


# 3 is called Buddha on the Waterfront.

I went in with the intention of creating an "Enlightened Buddha" image back in early 2010. I worked at it over the period of one focused afternoon. At the time, I was really into the show Lost. I felt extremely connected with the characters and many parts of their journeys really spoke to me.

When they showed the final episode, with the final scene in the church, the imagery of the stained glass windows with all the faith symbols ( symbols for Islam, Judaism, nature religions, christianity, Confucinism, etc.) really struck a chord with me. It ended up being the last series of small images I put into the piece. The Buddha and his story does speak strongly to me, but so does Hiduism, nature religions, christianity and Taoism. I have tried to open my mind to what speaks to me. I keep listening and trying to find Truth in this World of many deceptions.