9 years- reflections from Facebok.#3

 Everything can be learned.  unlearning everything you thought was important can also be done.   It will be hard to shed everything taught to you by gradeschool teachers.  By your peers.  By your parents.  By society.  By High Society.   By that thing that is probably watching you right now.   by being brave to not cave into the fear that the thing that is most definitely watching you doesn't have power over you.   Not if you can learn to be honest.   To be Honest to yourself. honest to those that matter.   honest to the planet.   honest to life.  Honest to your belief system.   Honest to the body.  Honest to the mind.   Honest so you can match the true heart inside yourself.   The HEART that knows.   that has seen all this.  That has felt all of this.  That has brought the heartbeat to all that has ever existed. that will ever exist.  That is existence. The heart in the center of all of us.  The HEART in the center of all of us.   ALL of us.    All this hurt.  All this pain and suffering. All this war and famine.  And for what?   All this death.  Death to understand death.  Death to instill fear.   Death to control.  Controlled to death. 

All this joy.   All these heart connections.  These soul connections. These existential projections.  There is SO much beauty.  So many giggles with friends.  So much sick, sick music.   So many expanded minds.  So many expanded hearts.   So much art.  So much expression.   So many expressions of that one thing they call god.   Contemplating GOD.  overseer of this galaxy.   I mean, GOD must see all that.  Must have seen all that.  13.8 billions years!!!   that motherfucker must have a lot of arms!   So many eyes.   so many hearts.  That is the being I see as GOD.  if we're going to call it that, let's get specific with what that thing must look like.   Looking in on this UNIVERSE and holding the weight of all inside.   so many beings within we have yet to see.  to know and see life that doesn't ALSO have 2 arms and 2 legs. Could beings have more than 1 brain?  More than 1 million brains?   Brains!      I imagine some coroner on the other side of the galaxy thinking, "that hu-man has only 1 heart.  odd!"  I mean, it must have happened once, right?   or in the distant future, some hu-man will get to the other side of the galaxy.   To the D quadrant.  To the Z quadrant?   someday I imagine we'll get there in an instant.   Trans-warp technology is out there afterall.  :)

con't in part 4