9 years- reflections from Facebook #1

This memory came up on Facebook last week.   Oh what a reflection. 

Ah yeah! the version of me from 9 years ago knew that I'd have a handle on this next ten years. Damn, I've grown in ways I would never imagine. I've been disillusioned to many of these systems that control us in different ways. The incredible power of Religion to create guilt in us. To make us believe that we will only find HEAVEN or Paradise if we suffer in this life. To Governments that watch us every day and try to tell us what is good for us. The Corporations that in this day and age also do the same thing. What are we to believe. Start with a belief in yourself. Find people that also believe in you. Practice what you are naturally drawn to. share it with people. Your enthusiasm and passion will attract the right people. Your heart and compassion will also attract many. Follow the signs that attract you. The symbols and logos that you trust and believe in. Seek heart, joy, laughter, bliss, ecstatic bliss, complete pleasure and enjoyment, creativity. Seek dance, seek culture, seek truth, seek the meaning of LOVE. Share your crazy experiences with people who want to listen. Deeply seek the wisdom life reveals to you. Start to pay attention to who is closest to you. Who you share deep, heartfelt reflection with. Who will not question your crazy decisions, but see that your bit of crazy might be onto something.