9 years reflections from Facebook #2

Just needed another reflection.  This is a neat, a live experience for anyone that wants to hear more as I post it on my site.   I have been really trying to draw more people to my art lately; to my healing practice and my message.  So I decided to try this and let go of expectation.  if 1 person comes to read this, then it will have served it's purpose.  Freeing myself from expectation.  Freeing myself of caring if a "lot" of people see the posts I'm sharing.  Freeing myself of caring if nobody sees it.  Freeing myself of how I think things should go.  I don't understand this story of my life, fully.   But I understand stages.  Tests of endurance.  This life is trying to make you a better person.  No question about it. 

 I invite you to look through my site and see the reflections I have created.   They are reflections on this crazy life that has shown me things beyond measure.   Music so deep and profound; music so engaging and seductive. Teachers so profound.  So engaging, so seductive.  Wisdom so profound. Wisdom so heartfelt sometimes.  Wisdom embodied.  

con't in # 3