9 years- reflections from Facebook part #4

I love that when we imagine these worlds outside of our own.  We imagine other galaxies.  planets covered in sand, feeding exotic spice to the entire galaxy.   A mixed spice of sorts that will take us outside of ourselves.   Inside of ourselves.   Connecting to the consciousness of all.   Able to foresee multiple outcomes before taking a move.  

Stories are so different, but they're also so alike.   Characters seeking fortune and fame.   characters seeking mastery. seeking adventure, seeking destiny;living destiny.   living the dharma.   choosing sides, being tempted;   doubting sides, being challenged.  Facing death, overcoming. meeting a guide, experiencing magic.  asked to carry the goblet, which will allow ONE to see; Doubting sidesBeing tempted. Refusing the temptation.  Realizing you can SEE.  Meeting the TEACHER. the Trials.  Dedication.  Hard work.   The real journey begins.   Inwards.   But also Deep, deep into the earth.   touching roots and synching hearts. Realizing of one's true power.    Realizing that the teacher arrived to take you further. Allowed you in as they deemed you ready to accept the teaching.     Ready to synch hearts.   REady to leave the mind behind.   The intellect can only go so far.   Leave your mind at the door.   Open your ears.   Open your eyes.   Open your heart.     

Have you ever read this story?   Have you ever played this story?    Have you ever tried to live this story?   Have you ever followed your bliss?   have you ever felt bliss?   even chemical bliss is bliss.   Even if it's momentary.   A pinprick compared to the wave of BLISS.   The real BLISS.   A bliss you can find doing yoga.   deep diving.   Dancing at a festival until the sun comes out.

Until well past when the sun goes out.   the pure joy felt keeps you awake.   real joy.  the kind of you that you have to pay for in some kind of way.   Festival tickets aint cheap anymore.  :p

Sometimes paid for with struggle beforehand.   With hard growth.  with hard choices.   But then bam!   the moment is magic.   so perfect.  a great writer and composer must have been in their element when they wrote that experience.   when they weren't in their minds about failing.   but feeling the heartbeat.   feeling the rhythm.    they let loose.   introducing characters and colours.   introducingpeople dedicated to the lighting.  the life of the stage.   the reflective surfaces.   The reflective people.   Introducing people in true hardships, only they know their pain.   But in that moment, they've forgotten all about their pain, and are loving the moment.   are feeling the love.   That's all anyone wants.   to love.   to know LOVE.  


Some of us take a longer time to understand love.   To understand want.   To question authority, to question ourselves. To challenge what we fear.  To see who we affect.  To see what we affect.  to understand ourselves.   to question our purpose. 

whew!   that was the most flowing session of writing I've ever had.   I always doubted my writing.   I struggled with allegory.  I struggled with irony.  Over the years,  I've read many great novels.   what I always loved was that everyone had a style.   at times, it would take 100+ pages to get in the groove with the author; but once you did you were hooked to their style.   I thank all of you, who have inspired me to write.   I hope this becomes a more regular practice.   Tonight, I also thank the muse.    And LOVE.  And TRUTH.  and all my teachers.  my wife.   my new child.  my parents.  my sister, my niece.   my in-laws.  My dear friends.  my students.  my many acquaintances. My TEACHERS.  And so many inspiring people out there who kick ass at what they do.   I LOVE YOU.