My greatest art inspiration.  Alex Grey

The incomparable Android Jones.  LOVE <3

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Joseph Campbell-

Mythologist, story teller, mystic.

Discovering Joseph Campbell was like fitting a big piece of the puzzle of my life in.   I've been exploring his works for the last six months and have been diving in deep.

Paramahansa Yogananda

- An Epic Spiritual Teacher

His book Autobiography of a Yogi is an epic tale that almost feels like someone's fantasy.   It's filled with so many lessons and insights.  One of my favorite all-time reads.  

The recent documentary Awake- The life of Yogananda is an amazing walk through his life.


The Duncan Trussell Family Hour-  Insanely funny and insightful.  He's the hipster/guru

Mindrolling    Raghu Markus and David Silver bring you insights on how to integrate spirituality into daily life.  They feature some amazing topics and teachers.

Be Here Now podcast-  Raghu Markus hosts.   Featuring some of Ram Dass' most potent and powerful talks.  <3!

Warrior Poet Podcast with Aubrey Marcus- The CEO of Onnit, Aubrey is also a philosopher, shaman, and mma fighter.

Ted Talks Podcast-  A new favorite, thanks to my lovely lady


Be Here Now

The story of an ex-harvard professor who was at the dawn of the psychedelic revolution in the States during the 60's and ended up in India; where he met his Guru.   A must-read experience.  



Mastery by Robert Greene

One of the most epic (for me) journeys into the path of mastery.   Featuring the life stories of Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Temple Grandin, Benjamin Franklin, among many others.   I've been fascinated with the idea of mastery and what it entails.   I got the audio book version, which I loved.   I'd probably purchase a copy of the book in hardcover, as well.  


The Cartoon Utopia by Ron Rege Jr.

Has to be seen to be explained.  A beautiful and psychedelic exploration through Western Mysticism.   Can be found at Chapter's or on

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá

An exploration into the Origins of Modern Sexuality.   I found this one on Audible but would like a physical copy of it someday.  

Indie Spiritualist by Chris Grosso    A practical guide to finding spirituality and divinity in everyday life.   Chris presents his personal story of addiction and hardship, which forced him to take a deeper look at his life and led to his transformation.   I bought my copy at Chapter's.  


Trevor Hall

I fell in love with his music this past year. Soulful, deep and soothing.

I fell in love with his music this past year. Soulful, deep and soothing.

Their music has spoken to me so deeply.

Nahko and Medicine for the People

My partner and I listened to them endlessly while wandering around Maui last year.   Deep and insightful lyrics with beautiful melodies.

Click below to hear the featured set.   I'll be featuring some of my favorite mixes and tracks here.


His sets are always high on my replay list.         


I've spent many hours on this one and keep uncovering new layers.  It inspires my art in ways I still don't understand at times.  


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